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About National Research Corporation Canada

National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) helps healthcare providers measure and improve the experience customers have as they interact with every point of the health care system. As the Canadian arm of NRC Health, we have been at the forefront of patient-centred care for more than 30 years and offer unmatched national and international benchmarking capabilities. Our comprehensive approach to integrated research, evidence-based practice recommendations, and quality improvement helps providers achieve improved individual, organizational, and system outcomes.

Mission Statement: Empowering Customer-Centric Healthcare Across the Continuum

NRCC implements surveys and performs analyses that recognize a provider’s strengths and problem areas, and then uses the data to design specific, measurable improvement strategies. The company’s products and solutions build on the “Eight Dimensions of Patient-Centred Care” a philosophy developed by noted patient advocate Harvey Picker, who believes patients’ experiences are integral to quality healthcare. NRCC goes a step further, extending this philosophy to include families, caregivers, residents of long term care and retirement facilities, home care clients and other stakeholders—empowering customer-centric healthcare across the continuum.

Currently recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of the largest patient satisfaction measurement firms in the U.S., National Research Corporation and NRCC are dedicated to representing the true voice of patients and other healthcare stakeholders. This integration of cross-continuum metrics and analytics uncovers insights for effective performance improvement, quality measurement, care transitions, and many other factors that impact population health management.

As the only healthcare research and quality improvement firm in Canada with the ability to serve the entire care continuum, NRCC performance measurement and improvement service offerings are used by provincial associations, hospitals, healthcare systems, board members and healthcare executives, payers, physicians, long term care communities, home health agencies, and community health programs.