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"Getting a good response rate to patient satisfaction surveys from ED patients and families is a common difficulty. Knowing that approximately half of our admissions originate from the ED and that it is many times the first 'face' of the hospital, we were committed to including their feedback in our continuous aim to provide the best experience possible. In April of this year, we began collecting the emails of our families at ED registration through a standard script, adding mere seconds to that process.  We found that approximately one third of families asked were willing to provide their email. Our NRCC survey moved from a random sample to a census-based selection. The success of this switch was immediately evident with our n-values rising from an average of 35 per quarter to 250 in our first quarter of the pilot. Given families are entering the data themselves, there is also no lag time between response time to data availability via Catalyst. We consider this pilot a great success and intend to move our other survey instruments to a web-based format."

Christine Kouri, BscN, MHA
Manager for Patient Experience & Acting Chief Privacy Officer

"National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to assess and track patient experience across the continuum of care from home and long term care to ambulatory and inpatient care. Coupled with workplace experience tools for employee and physician engagement, the capacity to use consistent measurement at the patient and staff level across sectors enables powerful comparisons and improvements to be made. National Research has partnered with organizations across Canada to implement these tools and is the largest Canadian provider of healthcare surveys."

Walter Wodchis, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, Institute Health Policy Management and Evaluation,
University of Toronto