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A History of Customer-Centric Healthcare

National Research Corporation was founded in 1981, as an organization dedicated to improving the quality of care provided in the healthcare industry. The Canadian division of National Research Corporation Canada(NRCC) (formerly NRC Picker Canada) was created when the company acquired Smaller World Communication in 2003.

In 2001, National Research Corporation acquired the Picker Institute and its world-class family of surveys. The Picker Institute and Harvard researchers are well-known for extensive research of the patient and family experience within the healthcare industry. In fact, after seven years of researching over 8,000 patients and family members, we determined what was most important to patients and determined how to measure those aspects. These major findings resulted in the Eight Dimensions of Patient-Centred Care and behavioral-based questions.

While the industry’s most common tools focus on issues that providers believe drive satisfaction, the Picker approach addresses performance from the patient’s perspective. We understand that unless tools are designed to measure what matters most to patients and to provide data that can be used for effective improvement, the true value of an organization’s research efforts can be lost—and the patient experience will ultimately not be improved.

Therefore, our Picker surveys were designed using a technique of asking patients and families to objectively report on their care experiences, rather than merely asking for a subjective satisfaction rating. This allowed healthcare professionals to see for the first time how well they were delivering care on aspects most important to patients.

By combining the strengths of National Research Corporation and the Picker Institute, our clients are assured that true measurement and improvement of the patient experience can be achieved.

Inspired by our philosophy, National Research Corporation upholds the tradition of the Picker Institute by continuing to incorporate this research into all of its product offerings.