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Seniors survey a roadmap to improvements

The Office of the Seniors Advocate has undertaken a survey of 27,000 seniors living in 300 residential care facilities across B.C.


National Research Canada Enters into Five-Year Agreement to Measure Patient Experience with the Ontario Hospital Association

Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) has chosen once again to partner with National Research Corporation (NRC) for its efforts to advance patient-centred care for Ontarians. 


National Research Appoints Healthcare Visionary, Dr. Donald Berwick, to its Board of Directors

Today, National Research Corporation (NASDAQ: NRCIA and NRCIB) announced the appointment of Donald Berwick, M.D., MPP, to its Board of Directors.


Central CCAC's Medication Management Support Services Wins 2013 Canadian Innovative Best Practice Award

The Central Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) is pleased to announce that its Medication Management Support Services (MMSS) Leading Practice has won the 2013 Canadian Innovative Best Practice Award from National Research Corporation (NRC).


'Leader Rounding' App Encourages Hospital Administrators to Get Out and Mingle

One of the latest trends in hospital administration is "leader rounding." A recent article published at recognizes that National Research Corporation Canada has launched a new app to make leader rounding more effective.


OHA Announces NRCC's New Name and New Website

NRC Picker Canada has announced that it will soon undergo a brand name transition to National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) to more closely align with its parent company, National Research Corporation.