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CGCAHPS: Improve Your Delivery of Patient-Centred Care

Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CGCAHPS) is an endorsed measure of the patient experience in a medical practice setting by the National Quality Forum (NQF) in the U.S. The survey evaluates ease of access to care, provider communication with patients, and courtesy and helpfulness of office staff.

The CGCAHPS solution from National Research Corporation helps improve outcomes. More importantly, measuring patient experiences at the practice and provider levels leads to patient satisfaction transparency and facilitates breakthroughs in preventive care and disease management.

A Wealth of Knowledge Beyond Clinical Outcomes
Studies have shown that the interpersonal aspects of healthcare are valued most by the average patient. In fact, clinical outcomes are not even included in the top 10 reasons why most patients choose providers. Research demonstrates that patients prioritize communication and other aspects of the provider-patient relationship as key elements of quality. A CGCAHPS program facilitated by National Research Corporation can be a benefit by:

  • Providing actionable feedback for improvement
  • Increasing patient compliance
  • Improving patient experience, loyalty, and referrals to boost market share

By partnering with National Research Corporation, you’ll measure the patient’s experience, improve delivery of care today, and provide a level of accountability and transparency to patients and the healthcare system. Regardless of your goals, measuring CGCAHPS with National Research Corporation will help build the foundation necessary to improve patient-centred care and prepare for physician compensation, outcome reporting, and more.

Patient-Centred Medical Home CAHPS®
A supplemental item set available to CGCAHPS clients is Patient-Centred Medical Home (PCMH). This enables you to ask patients about their experiences with the domains of primary care that define a medical home.

While the PCMH CAHPS survey instrument has many similarities to the Clinician and Group CAHPS survey, it also addresses specific processes of care relevant to patient-centred medical homes with the goal of measuring and improving care delivery.

Survey versions for adults and children address components of care such as access, communication, self-management support, office staff, information, and coordination of care. The adult survey includes questions regarding behavioural health care. The child survey also covers development and prevention.

Improvement Starts Here
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