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Employee Experience

Employee Experience: A Key Driver of Care Quality

Research shows that the quality of your work environment directly impacts patient care and outcomes. National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) has developed an Employee Experience tool to help health care organizations focus on improvement efforts that can increase quality of care, reduce staff turnover, and enhance the likelihood that your healthcare customers will recommend your services.

NRCC Employee Experience tool is grounded in the Quality Healthcare Model and tailored to work effectively across the continuum for all healthcare settings and varying types of employees. With the Employee Experience tool, healthcare providers can facilitate culture change and improve organizational performance.

Employee Commitment = Excellent Care
When you measure the loyalty and commitment of your healthcare employees, you will find that work environment influences their level of dedication. These work environment factors include safety culture, collaboration, workload, learning and improvement, the quality of supervision and leadership, resources and supports for patient-centered care, and relationships with patients. Equally, research indicates that the ability to provide quality care is a main driver that affects employee loyalty. Why? Healthcare employees want to make a difference and provide high-quality care experiences for patients, client, residents, and their families.

What the Employee Experience Survey Measures
The NRCC Employee Experience Survey measures the drivers, individual outcomes, and organizational outcomes describing a healthy and high-performing workplace. Core questions cover such topics as job characteristics, work environment factors, and individual outcomes. These questions can also be found on the physician experience surveys, allowing you to make direct comparisons between employees and physicians. Specific questions on the Employee Experience tool covers items such as resources, decision input, and supervisor support.

Performance Visibility for All Healthcare Settings
Healthcare models continue to evolve with increased focus on cross-continuum delivery and smoother care transitions. NRCC has developed an Employee Experience solution that reflects this advancement. You gain an enterprise-wide view of your employee experience and customer-centric culture.

Linking Employee, Physician, and Patient Experience
NRCC provides comparable measures and domains for other key stakeholder groups such as Patient Experience and Physician Experience. This means that the results of your employee experience surveys can be linked to the results of your patient experience and physician experience surveys. You can now gain unprecedented insight into how the experiences of employees, physicians, and patients are interrelated.

Improvement and Accreditation Made Easier
After your data is collected and reported back to you, NRCC works with your team to identify priority areas and create a plan of action. As a source of actionable information, NRCC's employee experience solution can be very effective at helping organizations meet Accreditation Canada requirements for improvements in quality of work life, patient safety, and patient-centred care.

Powerful for both large healthcare systems and independent providers, the NRCC Employee Experience offering includes a package of hands-on service components to:

  • Address confidentiality and promote high participation
  • Prepare and administer surveys
  • Collect and manage your employee experience data
  • Help identify strengths and areas for improvement with easy-to-understand online reporting
  • Present results to your executives and provide expert recommendations
  • Empower your staff to drive action by providing Action Planning tools
  • Continually monitor your progress to stay the course and track improvement

Improvement Starts Here
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