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Healthcare Analytics

If Facts Speak for Themselves, Then What Does Your Data Say?

Turn your raw data into actionable intelligence. National Research Corporation in the U.S. offers the ability to drive a multitude of different data sources and provide your organization with an insightful reporting solution that supports your strategic goals. Synthesize disconnected data sets for big-picture insights and build confidence by centering your decision support on more than just numbers—you’ll uncover meaningful, evidenced-based information on a range of topics.

Market Segmentation
Have a tiger by the tail? Discover and evaluate new healthcare market opportunities or master the markets you currently serve. Get ahead of the curve. Find out the hot topics affecting population health management for a specific market. Market research, including market segmentation services and reporting, offers peace of mind before undertaking significant investments in new healthcare markets. With more than 30 years of experience, National Research Corporation provides assurances to healthcare organizations that are looking to embark in new ventures.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Are you participating in the consolidation of the healthcare market? Gain unique market insight and timely business intelligence that mergers and acquisitions demand. Timely and consultative services from National Research Corporation support your business decisions throughout targeting, courtship, closing, and implementation.

Healthcare Financials
Are you well informed to make complex financial decisions with confidence? Accessing the data you need to manage your organization is often harder than it should be. National Research Corporation provides your management team the most relevant financial scorecards available and gets your people back to doing the things they do best—caring for patients in a cost effective way.

Expert Content Development
Does your content need a boost to the next level? Leverage National Research Corporation expertise to produce industry white papers, government policy analysis for lobbying purposes, and detailed provider profiles.

Consultative Guidance
Get an insider’s view into our deep healthcare expertise—across the entire continuum of care.

Outcomes Research
Determine or justify best practices that maintain high-quality care and minimize expenses.

Payer Formulas
Set up and test current and proposed payment and reimbursement models.

Improvement Start Here
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