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Multi-Modal Measurement

Not All Surveys Are Deployed Equally: Multi-Modal Measurement to Fit Your Needs

NRCC understands that every healthcare organization is unique, and our surveys compliment just that. With multi-modal measurement, you are offered an array of flexible and robust solutions to measure and improve the experience of your patients, clients, residents, employees, physicians, and volunteers.

Using one or multiple modes of measurement, you have the option to create and deploy experience surveys to best suit your distinct stakeholder population to support improvement efforts.

Survey collection modes offered by NRCC includes:

Web and Web + Email
Benefits include:

  • Options to drill down measurement services into areas of interest or improvement initiatives
  • Actionable results at the point of care once patient leaves a facility or program
  • Timely access to reports in real-time

Benefits include:

  • Large-scale accessibility, especially in small or disadvantaged populations
  • Rapid data collection
  • Quality control

Interactive voice response + SMS
Benefits include:

  • Generation of sample from patient transaction and controlled sampling bias
  • Reduced lag between the relevant experience and the survey as compared to starting with sample data
  • Complex survey quota controls to ensure that results are not biased

Benefits include:

  • Easily completed by most demographic groups
  • Provides a balanced cost-per-return
  • Dynamic survey customized to the patient’s unique experience

Mail + web link
Benefits include:

  • Embedded survey enables use of organization’s brand on its website
  • Quick turnaround as patient responses are directly entered online and uploaded
  • Personalized communication to the patient with secure confidential link free of spam

Mixed Mode Measurement

Sometimes organizations need to deploy more than one survey mode to get the results they need for their stakeholders. With Mixed Mode Measurement, that is possible.

Benefits include:

  • Combinations of several survey collection modes to deploy simultaneously
  • Optimized data collection procedures based on patient population and survey question
  • Timely access to reports in real-time

Our time-tested approaches and mode methodologies provide healthcare organizations the customization and flexibility needed to ensure patient and customer expectations are thoroughly being met.

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