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Patient Outreach Program

Outreach to Improve the Patient Experience

Every successful healthcare provider organization lists among its top priorities the ability to focus on improving patient experience, performance scores, clinical outcomes, and financial health through reducing hospital readmissions. Patient Outreach Programs from National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) are designed to help you improve all of these areas.


With Connect by National Research Corporation, you get the best of both worlds with Voice Recognition Technology and Call Tracker—both designed to provide hospitals with real-time data for clinical recovery issues, prevent readmissions, help make improvements in areas needing the most focus, and provide the best patient experience possible.

Voice Recognition Technology = Higher Response Rates
Voice Recognition Technology (VRT) increases your ability to reach out to 100% of patients discharged home for identification of those at highest risk for readmission. This automated call system, which uses natural voice recognition, reaches out to 100% of patients discharged to home within the first critical 24hours, when patients are at highest risk for hospital readmission.

Call Tracker – Consistent and Accountable In-House Outreach
The most notable difference between VRT and Call Tracker is that Call Tracker uses a live person to manage patient outreach. The Call Tracker tool provides a single, web-based point of entry that is available 24/7 to manage patient outreach consistency with a clear view of performance, while driving accountability and process improvement. This intuitive system allows your staff to identify patients who are in need of post-discharge outreach calls, standardize call processes, resolve issues, and view program performance—all in one centralized location.

To provide an international perspective, see how the Connect platform is being implemented in the United States.

Four Essential Components of Patient Outreach Programs
  1. Communication System
  • Hospital-wide communication plan
  • Educational materials and templates for patients and staff
  • Weekly staff recognition reports
  • Quarterly progress reviews
  1. Nurse Training and Education
  • Champion identification support
  • Program components training
  • Ongoing clinical and service recovery coaching
  1. Patient Outreach
  • Patients discharged to home are contacted within 24-72 hours
  • Key alerts sent to hospital for immediate service recovery
  • Hospital Nurse Champions follow-up with patient
  • Both in-patient and emergency patients are eligible to be included
  1. Reporting and Process Improvement
  • Real-time, secure, online portal with 24/7 access
  • Daily patient satisfaction and quality metrics
  • Ability to identify high and low performing units through data
  • Program benchmarking information

Improvement Starts Here
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