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Physician Experience

Engage Your Physicians and Improve the Patient Experience

Let National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) help your organization gather the right data about physician perceptions, understand what the results are telling you, and make improvements for the good of your patients, physicians, and your entire organization.

Positive Outcomes for Providers

If health care organizations want to attract, recruit, and retain physicians of the highest quality, they need to be able to measure physician experience, link results to patient outcomes, define areas for improvement, and take action. With NRCC’s Physician Experience survey tool and improvement resources, your organization will be able to:

  • Draw a clear line of sight between physician, employee, and patient experiences by utilizing the same style of behavioural-based questions
  • Remove perceived barriers to providing patient-centred care by examining physician behaviours
  • Understand and improve physician satisfaction, retention, and morale with traditional human resource questions
  • Improve performance by identifying specific problem areas and linking them to proven best-practice recommendations with a comprehensive reporting tool

6 Reasons to Measure Physician Experience using the NRCC Physician Experience Survey

  1. Enhance your workplace environment to attract and retain top-quality healthcare professionals
  2. Understand your physicians' perceptions of their work environment, including:
    • Positive aspects
    • Areas for improvement
    • Barriers to providing quality patient-centred care
  3. Improve the experience of care for your patients
  4. Improve your organizational culture around physician experience
  5. Understand experience aspects of physicians
  6. Meet Accreditation Canada requirements for improvements in quality of work life, patient safety, and patient-centred care.

What the Physician Experience Survey Measures
The NRCC Physician Experience Survey is grounded in the Quality Healthcare Model and measure the drivers, individual outcomes, and organizational outcomes that make up a healthy and high-performing healthcare environment. A set of the survey questions cover issues specific to physicians, such as control over practice environment, resources, compensation, and equipment. The remaining questions cover the same topics as the Employee Experience survey. By measuring both employee and physician perceptions of job characteristics and work environment factors, along with individual outcomes, healthcare organizations can gain greater insight into the areas most in need of improvement.

Linking Employee, Physician, and Patient Experience
NRCC provides comparable measures and domains for other key stakeholder groups such as Patient Experience and Employee Experience. This means that the results of your physician experience surveys can be linked to the results of your patient experience and employee experience surveys. You can now gain unprecedented insight into how the experiences of employees, physicians, and patients are interrelated.

Improvement Starts Here
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