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Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Experience: A Valuable Viewpoint in Healthcare

In any healthcare setting, volunteers are a critical component of the organization's success. With the National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC) Volunteer Experience tool, you can measure your volunteers' perception of their experience at your organization, identify opportunities for improvement, and make informed decisions about which improvements need to be made.

For many healthcare organizations, the first person most patients and family members encounter is a volunteer, so it is critical that healthcare organizations ensure that their volunteers feel valued and equipped to provide excellent service and care. Further, listening to the viewpoint of your volunteers can help you discover new opportunities to improve your organizational culture, patient experience, and volunteer recruitment efforts. With the NRCC Volunteer Experience survey, you can gain insight into which improvement efforts will be the most effective at retaining quality volunteers, increasing the quality of care, and improving the organization's culture.

5 Reasons to Measure Volunteer Experience using the NRCC Volunteer Experience Survey

  1. Attract and retain top-quality volunteers
  2. Improve your organizational culture around volunteer experience
  3. Ensuring that volunteers feel valued as contributing members of the team
  4. Understand volunteers' perceptions of their work environment, including:
    • Positive aspects
    • Areas for improvement
    • Barriers to providing quality patient-centred care
  5. Improve the experience of care for your patients

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